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  Azienda Agricola Montelorenzone
Via Comunale S. Lucia, 870 S. Lucia - Cesena
Tel. e Fax +39 0547 - 326060

  Driving on the E45 dual carriageway:
driving on the E45 dual carriageway: exit at S. Carlo and then as above
  Driving on the A14 motorway:
driving on the A14 motorway take Cesena Nord exit, get the E45 westward (to Rome), get out at S. Carlo and keep driving up the hills (for about 5 km) to Roversano - S. Lucia; the vineyards will welcome you.
  If you happen to be in Cesena:
go to the river Savio (remaining on the South bank); at the roundabout by the bridge named "Ponte Vecchio" take Via Roversano, which after a while will change into Via S. Lucia, and go on for about 8km.
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